A 5000 km (3107 miles) bike trip from Los Angeles to Seattle to raise money for Survival International, a charity that fights for the rights of tribal people everywhere in the world.

Eléonore Action Collective avril 2, 2017 at 10:22
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Project Description

The plan is to ride about 5000 km (3107 miles), starting in Los Angeles and exploring various national parks like Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Death Valley, Yosemite and Crater Lake.

The goal is to reach Seattle by the 3rd of July.

Who I am?

My name is Eléonore, I am from Belgium and I am 34 years old.

Every year, for 4 years now, I go on a journey for several weeks on my bike.

After Thailand and Malaysia in 2014, New Zealand in 2015 and Cuba in 2016, this year I chose to cycle in the United States. It is the second time that I will travel solo on my bike.

Besides discovering a country, its inhabitants and their culture, there is a physical challenge and self-enrichment. But there is more.

This time around, I wanted to support a worthy cause and I had the idea of raising money for an organization using a crowdfunding platform.


I discovered Survival International, an organization that fights for the rights of indigenous peoples, after seeing a documentary on television.

Even though rights of indigenous peoples are now enshrined in international law, they are not truly respected anywhere in the world. The idea of seeing ancient tribes forced out of their sacred land in the name of private interests with the approval of governments disturbs me. Living in a world in which money rules and where respecting the Earth and the Humankind is not a priority disturbs me.

They are people who have not been corrupted by the economical and social designs that have moulded us all. I think protecting them, their culture and their land is important, for the sake of diversity.

Survival believes that public opinion is the only effective force for change. The abuse of tribal peoples’ rights now makes worldwide headlines and, today, those who violate tribal peoples’ rights fear the force of public opinion.

Unlike many charities, Survival International’s funding comes mainly from small, individual donors. They refuse national government funding and do not take money from corporations that could be violating tribal peoples’ rights. It preserves the organization’s integrity, ensuring they never adjust their message or work to suit donors.

Where will your money go?

I am paying for the trip myself (bike, plane ticket, accommodation, food …).

5% of the donations will be transferred to the crowdfunding platform « onvataider » to cover their running costs and 4% of the donations will be used to pay for

  • the domain name and the website hosting,

  • the rewards 

  • the business cards and the flag used for the communication of the project.

Apart from these contributions, 91% of the amount collected will be donated directly to the organization Survival International. 

Survival International is currently working on two main campaigns :

  • UNCONTACTED TRIBES : Whole populations of uncontacted tribes are being wiped out by genocidal violence from outsiders who steal their land and resources, and by diseases like flu and measles to which they have no resistance.

  • TRIBAL CONSERVATIONISTS : In the South-West of Cameroon, conservation projects have progressively shut out the Baka « Pygmies » from their land. Many are no longer able to access the food and sacred places that are vital to them. They are accused of « poaching » when hunting to feed their families and face arrest and beating, torture and even death at the hands of wildlife officers. Tribal peoples across India are being illegally evicted from their ancestral homelands in the name of tiger conservation.  This is illegal – the law says they are allowed to stay. And there is no evidence that any of this protects tigers: in fact it’s more likely to harm them.


Instead of merely ask for donations, I wanted to put in place a reward system to make things more interactive and give the project a more playful side. 

Every supporter will be represented by a ribbon tied to my bike. Bigger donations will be rewarded with a post card or a thank you video. 

I will regularly publish pictures of the ribbons in the Galery page of the website and on the facebook page to thank every supporter.

  • For 5‎$ and more: The YANOMAMI reward
  • For 15‎$ and more: The BUSHMEN reward
  • For 25‎$ and more: The KAWAHINA reward
  • For 40‎$ and more: The DONGRIA KONDH reward
  • For 60‎$ and more: The GUARANI reward
  • For 80‎$ and more: The PYGMEES reward


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