Solar Bike Route 66

2448 miles with a solar bike on the famous Route 66 to raise money for an association

Michel Action Collective septembre 20, 2017 at 4:37
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Project Description

2448 miles, 8 states, 45 cities in 60 days with a solar bike!

In October 2017, Michel will attempt to make his dream come true: cover not less than 2448 miles in 60 days using only solar energy.

Who I am?

My name is Michel, I am 53 and live in Belgium where I am a broadcasting engineer. I have always dreamt to ride along the famous Route 66. Three years ago I decided to do it with a 100% green vehicle. An electric bike seemed to be fun but the autonomy is quite limited if you want to ride 65 miles per day. No vehicle was able to do it, so I had no other choice than to build it myself. My first solar bike was made after a lot of calculations, many drawings and 3 prototypes.

The Journey, The Challenge:

In the beginning of October 2017, I will leave Orlando (Florida) where I had built my bike to reach Chicago. From Chicago, I will join the famous Route 66 and will start my attempt of the first universal record: to travel through the Route 66 with a solar powered bike!

The trip will end at Santa Monica, Los Angeles. It is, for me, a way to focus on the Green Energy possibilities as a new way to answer our daily needs in energy.

My invention:

The vehicle consists of a Prodecotech Phantom X3 electric bike equipped with a homemade trailer that I have designed. Each single piece will support the 6 HQST lightweight solar panels regulated by a high-tech computer, that will allow to travel for 60 days on solar energy and, if needed, a few pedal kicks (a little muscle power too!). The bike can reach up to 20 miles per hour when the sun is shining and up to 100 miles thanks to the 4×10 Amper Hours Lithium Polymer batteries. This level of engineering makes this bike completely innovative and unique, being the first 500 watt electric bike straightly fed with 600 Watt Solar cells.

My Team:

I am surrounded in this big challenge by a very motivated team who will provide me some assistance: There will be me, on the solar bike, Laure, my first assistant, Barbara, a photographer and a film crew composed by Christophe (producer), Didier (videoman) and Geoffroy (drone pilot). During the trip, we will be joined by Zouzou who is a close friend and Jean who is journalist for a belgium radio.

All of us will be active on our facebook page:

Why a crowdfunding?

This journey is also an outstanding occasion to support a good cause. Being able to live this amazing adventure and to make my dream come true, makes me feel incredibly fortunate. So this is also an opportunity for me to give back. As music has always been part of my life, especially blues and rock, I have chosen to support the Willie Dixon Foundation. This foundation helps the young musicians to buy their own instruments and provide music lessons to make the blues music live through the years.

The rewards:

To thank you for your pledges, we had planed a few rewards according to the level of your pledges.
You can see the rewards list on the right end part of the project description.
You can see underneath, a picture of the unique « Solar Bike » guitar pick made for the adventure which is one of the reward for a pledge of 40 Dollars.
The Willie Dixon Foundation:
Our music playlist on Spotify:

Cover picture: © Barbara Calligaris

This page is only for US pledgers (with a US Dollars account only).

To go back to the french spoken and euros currency pledges page, follow the link below!

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