Here is a special page from the french crowdfunding website

We had built it only for the "Solar Bike 66" project, for pledgers who own a US Dollars bank account and to avoid the bank fees about currency conversion. is dedicated to crowdfunding about collective actions and disability.


Solar Bike 66, a crowdfunding project to raise money for the Willie Dixon Foundation

Goal: $500

Solar Bike Route 66
2448 miles with a solar bike on the famous Route 66 to raise money for an association

5 pledgers

$155 raised

0 days remaining


Here you will find a few answers to the F.A.Q.

  • Why this site is so empty?

As we said above, has been made only for pledgers from the USA or with a US Dollars bank account to avoid the fees from banks about currencies conversions.

You will find more projects and our policy at


  • How can I pledge the "Solar Bike 66" project?

It is very simple: First, you must create a personal account on the website as a member.

Then, u have to log in with your personal ID and password.

And to finish with, after having chosen the  rewards, follow the links to check out page and fill it! You just need a valid credit card!


  • Is it secure?

All our transactions are secured by Stripe which is one the leaders on the market. Your bank details are never on our servers, they are secured by Stripe.


  • Do I need a Stripe account as a pledger?

No, u don't need! You only need a valid credit card.


  • Is it necessary to put my postal address on the check out page?

Yes, it is! It is to receive your rewards. The project owner would not be able to know it, if ever you don't fill this part!


  • When the paiement is done, how many times it takes to see it appears on my bank account?

All the paiements are taken once a week, it will appears on your bank account as OVTD/MMJ in less than 2 weeks.


  • I had been asked my ZIP code twice on he checkout page, why?

The first ZIP code asked is your address one. The second ZIP code asked is the one from your credit card (in general it is where your bank is).


  • Can I cancel my pledge?

Yes, u can ask to cancel your pledge sending an request to till the end of the funding period. After the end of project time, u can not.


  • I am english or american and I would like to create my own crowdfunding campain, is it possible?

Well, at the early basic, we are a french spoken crowdfunding website so, even if we don't want to refuse without studying it, we would probabily prefer that you could find a website in your native language!


In any case, if ever you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us!



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